Civil Law

We offer the following consulting and representation services to clients looking for legal advice in the sector of civil law:

  • non-inheritance, including ascertainment of the acquisition of an inheritance, divisions of an inheritance, unworthiness to inherit
  • lawful shares
  • property prescription
  • payment for sale, services rendered, rent etc.
  • undermining the effectiveness of defects of intention, e.g. due to an error
  • limited property laws
  • incorrectly performed obligations or non-fulfilment
  • matters relation to rent and lease
  • private property
  • dissolution of co-ownership
  • leasing agreements
  • loan and mortgage contracts
  • damage compensation
  • mortgages
  • donations
  • transfer of ownership of real-estate
  • life pensions
  • adverse claims
  • protection of personal interests
  • unfounded enrichment
  • payments against banks, non-standardised securitisation funds and debt collection companies

We also offer services in preparing, pronouncing judgments on and negotiating civil law contracts, as well as in drafting pleadings at all stages of the legal proceedings from court summons to:

  • applications
  • writs of payment
  • appeals
  • complaints
  • appeals against sentences

and with all the other documentation necessary in court and during the recovery proceedings.

Clients can request our services at any stage of the legal proceedings as well as during the recovery proceedings.

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