We offer consulting and representation services to clients looking for legal advice in relation to compensation. We deal with:

  • destruction of property
  • accidents (especially in relation to physical and mental injuries, replacement car, medical bills, transport bills etc.)
  • flooded apartments
  • medical malpractice (diagnostic and therapeutic errors)
  • death of a family member (compensation for mental damages, funeral grants)
  • falls on icy/snow-covered roads
  • accidents during sports activities

We represent our clients at every stage of the legal proceedings, including the pre-litigation phase, during winding-up proceedings led by the Insurance Department as well as during the legal and enforcement proceedings. We can report the damage for you to the appropriate Insurance Department and we can help you get through the winding-up proceedings. In a situation where at this stage you still haven’t received a satisfactory compensation, we can also help you get through the difficulties of the legal proceedings.

We work on cases against the National Insurance Department and international Insurance Departments. We undertake all the necessary actions for you so that you can receive the compensation that will match the damage done. We also offer support and advice at all stages of the legal proceedings.

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